The Salient Features of a Good Islamic University

An Islamic University is organizing the guidance and development of Al Islam and Muhammadiyah. If you are thinking of seeking higher education, then you definitely have the desire to study at a top-grade Islamic university. But have you ever thought about what a top-grade university is all about? Probably you haven’t figured out much except the factor of good placement options. However, this only factor won’t help a university earn the title ‘top-grade’.

There are myriad other factors related to this title. Firstly, a good number of talented faculty members, researchers, and students is considered to be the backbone. This is the supervision system for you, as the teachers, scholars, and senior students will offer proper guidance in the study or research program. They will guide you toward resources and information that will facilitate you to acquire the right knowledge and concepts. Such supervision will help you understand the concepts and complete the research.

Secondly, a combination of freedom and leadership is essential. A good quality university like Uhamka blooms in an environment that promotes creative thinking, competitiveness, innovation, and so forth. It delivers a learning environment enabling working on innovative projects to facilitate holistic personality development for nurturing future leaders. As a high-quality university that always keeps up with the times, Uhamka is supported by the latest information systems to serve all the needs of the Uhamka academic community.

Conducting research with the principle of freedom of scientific thought in the national and international scope. Best universities offer a mentoring-based education system. These universities provide learning through skill development, knowledge enhancement, and positive attitude formation. Hence, any attempt to collect more information while selecting a high-quality university plays a significant role. Here are some elements one can look at while making this choice.

Though the location of the university is a compromise between its size and proximity to services and industry, if the university has a state-of-the-art infrastructure in a mid-size campus and is in or near an area where students can easily get internships, connect with industry, implement projects in collaboration with firms and visit the organization to improve their practical knowledge, it becomes an added benefit.

Teaching Staff
Faculty and teaching aids are any university or institute's most important assets and intellectual capital. The reputed universities like Uhamka have highly experienced and educated faculty and Pimpinan Uhamka from various subject domains, big enough to maintain the student-teacher ratio as per the standards so that students can get proper attention and promote research and self-learning culture amongst the learners.

Academic Offering
The heart of the teaching-learning at a university is the curriculum and the courses taught. Students should be provided with adequate choice to study the courses of their liking and specific multi-disciplinary courses to understand other fields. The curriculum should not be outdated and modified to keep pace with the changing demands in the industry.

The new trends in teaching pedagogy are project-based and experiential learning to deliver a more hands-on and practical approach to students.

Extracurricular Activities
Finally, considering that college life plays the most essential part in a student's development, it is essential to see if the university offers good co-curricular and extracurricular activities for the holistic development of their personality.

Students' social and cultural life in a university is as vital as the academic environment. Given that the world is shifting towards hybrid education, including a fine mix of online and offline learning, it becomes crucial to analyze the digital infrastructure of the university.

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